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Your Questions

Here are some questions that Year 5 pupils had when they were in Year 4:

Does Allenbourn have any pets?

At Allenbourn we have four guinea pigs who live in a large hutch in our courtyard area. They are called Scruffy, Ginger, Squirel & Stripey. (Iris)

Will I be in a class with my friends?

I was in a class with a few people I knew from my first school. Don’t worry as you will make lots of new friends very quickly. (Oliver)

How many lessons are there in each day?

There are five lessons each day. (Iris)

How do you find your way around? 

For the 1st week or 2 your teacher or teaching assistant shows you to your classes and for some lessons you have a different class and teacher.  (Florence)

Is there lots of homework?

It’s not too bad - we only usually have maths and English and occasionally a project (Ancient Greeks).

Do you move classrooms for different lessons?

Most of the time, yes. The benefits are meeting new teachers and experiencing all of the different ways that they teach. Your learning environment changes so you aren’t stuck in the same class all day. (Elf)

My friends aren’t coming to Allenbourn so how easy is it to make friends?

Well I only knew one person who was going to be in my year group but now I have many more. Plus all the teachers/tutors are really kind and Mr. Wright will look after you. Also, they help you to get to know your classmates by playing games with each other in tutor time….that’s really fun! (Millie)

Do you get to bring in our own pencil cases?

Yes, you can bring in your own pencil cases and the list of the items you will need/can have is on the 10th page of the homework diary. (blue handwriting pen, purple, pink and green pen, yellow and orange highlighters, pencil, 30cm ruler, glue stick, rubber, colouring pencils and a pencil sharpener). (Emmy)

Where will I eat lunch?

Some children bring packed lunches, which you eat in your tutor room. You can eat prepared meals in our new dining hall. You don’t need to order in advance. You have a card which your parents put money on. I really like the waffles. (Zach)

How big is Allenbourn?

Allenbourn is a big school, but the teachers show you the way around. You also have Year 8 half term helpers who support you so you don’t get lost. I thought that I would get lost, but I never did. (Alex)

I’m the only person going to Allenbourn from my school. I am worried that I won’t know anyone and it will be difficult to make new friends?

You will make friends. There are so many children in the year that you will find someone who is in the same position as you. There are lots of activities with different people so you end up meeting lots of children in different classes that you are bound to make friends without even thinking about it. At the beginning of year 5, you have your own playground which means that you are encouraged to play with everyone. (Elf)

What’s it like at Allenbourn?

At Allenbourn, the talents of every pupil are recognised. The individual needs of each of you are met through a varied and exciting curriculum that stretches and supports those who need it. Experienced staff deliver lessons that lay the foundation for a love of learning that will carry each of you through the rest of your lives. Pupils come to Allenbourn for a superb all-round education. You arrive at nine years old and leave four years later. (Lyra)