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Allenbourn Middle School

Values & Ethos

We value the individuality of our pupils and strive to ensure that they are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential and ambition both within our school and beyond. 

Children who enjoy school will learn well, and Allenbourn has a wealth of expertise to call upon to ensure that every child’s potential is met and developed. Alongside our high expectations in reading, writing and maths, a drive for excellence in sport, music and art, technology and science means that no skill goes undetected and no ability is overlooked.

We emphasise both individual responsibility and respect for others.  Pupils have a strong voice in school affairs, particularly through the School Council and Pupil Voice representatives.  We are a Rights Respecting school, with a strong emphasis on British values, global citizenship and cultural development.

Allenbourn Middle School has focused values which are followed and referred to in every classroom.  These are: all-inclusive, self-belief, perseverance, independence, rights and responsibilities, achievement, teaching and learning, individual, opportunities and nurture.  An acrostic for ASPIRATION. Specific values days focus on these requirements and underpin our expectations from all members of the school community.