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Allenbourn Middle School

School Uniform

What we expect of Allenbourn pupils

All children are expected to come to school neatly dressed in school uniform. Extremes of fashion of hair or clothing are neither acceptable nor appropriate during school time. Long hair needs to be tied back and all hair should be well off the face giving maximum vision and minimum interference. Hair accessories should be in school colours (black or yellow).

Uniform is considered a very important aspect of school life and is an indicator of a desire to set high standards. The uniform has been chosen, in consultation with parents and governors, in order not to make it difficult nor costly for you to clothe your children. Parents’ co-operation in this matter is essential and where cost is a real problem, be it for uniform or sports kit, parents should contact the headteacher.

Here's what pupils wear

  • plain charcoal grey or black regulation long school trousers, classic style, below the ankle length or smart shorts
  • grey or black school skirt of knee length; tight skirts or skirts with slits are not suitable for school, nor are ankle length skirts or short skirts (fabric for skirts and trousers must be of polyester mix, a non-fade fabric, and not denim, cord or lycra)
  • white plain cotton/polycotton school shirt with long or short sleeves – not polo shirts.
  • school tie
  • grey or black cardigan, V neck black jumper or Allenbourn sweatshirt
  • grey or black socks or black tights
  • low heeled black, sensible shoes; not boots or trainers

A sensible coat or jacket for outdoors; ‘Hoodies’ of any kind are not suitable for school unless they are AMS hoodies and worn only in PE.

The school tie and Allenbourn sweatshirt are only available to purchase from Bartletts Schoolwear 52 King Street, Town Centre, Wimborne, BH21 1DX.  All other items are generic and can be purchased from other school wear retailers.

The summer uniform is identical, but in excessively warm weather, pupils will be given permission to remove ties. This privilege will be at the discretion of the headteacher.

And here's what you need for physical education

We are phasing in slightly new PE kit from September 2019:

  • black and gold PE top
  • black shorts or plain black skort. (We recommend two pairs of shorts or one pair of shorts and the skort)
  • black and gold reversible rugby top (the reversible shirt is an expensive item. If you buy a generous size it should last the four years at Allenbourn)
  • long black socks
  • trainers and football boots
  • optional: Black AMS hoodie 
  • optional for cold weather - black under layer, plain black leggings/tracksuit bottoms - worn at the discretion of the PE staff
  • personal protection equipment - see below

Please provide a large named fabric bag in which to keep kit (NOT PLASTIC CARRIER)

Personal protection equipment.

All pupils will be taking part in activities that will require them to have shin pads and a mouth guard.  These do not have to be expensive items and can be purchased from places such as Sports Direct or Amazon for a reasonable price.

All PE kit must be named and a check for this will be carried out at the beginning of term and periodically.

It is strongly recommended that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

All uniform can be purchased from Bartletts Schoolwear 52 King Street, Town Centre, Wimborne, BH21 1DX.

Jewellery and Ear-piercings

Jewellery, including watches, is both unnecessary and undesirable and should not be worn in school. Where children have pierced ears, plain gold or silver studs only may be worn and only one, at the most, in the lobe of each ear. The studs must be taken out for P.E. and games lessons for safety reasons. During the initial period, when they cannot be removed, they must be covered with tape for these lessons. The studs are the responsibility of the child at all times. Necklaces and bracelets are not allowed.