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Allenbourn Middle School



History - KS2

In History at Key Stage 2, we develop a chronological understanding of British, local and world history and compare and contrast trends over time especially in regards to change and causes. The pupils develop their historical interpretation, enquiry, organisation and communication skills.

In Year 5, pupils study the Ancient Greeks. To enhance their learning, pupils participate in a Greek Day that consists of a dance and drama workshop, Olympic Games, cookery and costume wearing. In addition, the pupils create their own research enquiry project based on the Olympic Games, Gods, Myths and Legends or the Theatre.

In the second half of Year 5, we study an aspect or theme in British History that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066. We have decided to look at British Shipping 1837 - 1937. Particular focus is on comparing the Titanic and Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Pupils have the opportunity to enhance their “hands on” learning through visits to museums in Southampton and Bristol.

In Year 6, pupils study the Viking and Anglo – Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor and the Maya Empire, a non-European society that provides contrasts with British History. We are very fortunate to have a day dedicated to Maya culture.

Pupils are taught History in the same groupings as their English and are frequently assessed for historical skills and knowledge through a variety of tasks.

History - KS3

The main focus at KS 3 is the study of History using source material. This is to prepare pupils for the work that they will encounter in Year 9 and KS 4. Emphasis is also given to helping pupils to make links between events in the past and more recent history.

The new Key Stage 3 curriculum concentrates on British History. The history scheme balances out the study of British History with European and world history. In year 7, pupils look at Medieval times and the development of castles in England from hill forts to the role of the National Trust today.

In year 8, pupils study ‘The Making of the UK’ which looks at Tudor and Stuart times and then complete a study in depth on Britain 1750-1901. In connection with the English curriculum and Oliver Twist, Year 8 study the role of children in the Industrial Revolution and may even have the chance to try some gruel! A trip to Leeson House gives pupils the opportunity to explore the story of Corfe Castle and the impact of Civil War in Dorset.

Pupils are taught History in mixed ability tutor groups. Assessments are based on key questions each half term giving pupils the opportunity to demonstrate historical skills and knowledge through a variety of tasks.