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Allenbourn Middle School

Design Technology



Design and Technology makes a unique contribution to a child’s educational experience, allowing them to apply logic, creativity and practical skills to what they learn in other subjects. This subject has the power to inspire pupils to become forward-thinking, empowering them to go on and make a real, tangible difference to the world they inherit, and the towns they inhabit. Here at Allenbourn, pupils experience Technology as a single lesson twice a week, allowing them to tackle a variety of projects on a regular basis. The outcomes that pupils create are theirs to take home and be proud of, whether they eat, wear or use what they have made!

Product Design:

The Product Design room is a large, well-equipped facility with a wide range of tools and machinery, including a laser cutter and 3D printer. In addition to designing and making products in conventional ways, pupils are encouraged to use computer aided design and manufacture to greater reflect emerging technologies used in professional, commercial environments.   


In Textiles, pupils have access to specialist computerised sewing machines, an embroidery machine that will follow their own computer aided designs, and a heat press that also enables imagery designed on computer to be applied directly to garments. 

Food Technology:

Food Technology has a wide range of familiar equipment, enough to enable each pupil to have their own in a lesson – there is no need to share when performing small tasks. The specialist room is also fitted with a number of electric cookers and microwaves as well as the addition of a food printer that prints edible inks onto paper!