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Allenbourn Middle School

Art and Design



Pupils at AMS get a fantastic deal in Art and Design! All students are taught for an hour a week by one of two specialist art teachers in a large, well equipped art room (we even have our own kiln!) which provides a stimulating and creative learning environment.

We firmly believe that every child can make artwork of which they can be proud. Art can be taught and all pupils will improve and succeed with a little effort and perseverance, especially when they are given the freedom to follow up their own interests and ideas.

Over their four years at AMS, pupils will draw, paint, print, sculpt and collage using a wide variety of media including paint, ink, pastels and clay. Keen and able students will be given the opportunity to attend after school extension classes.

In lessons, children do not only learn how to appreciate art and to become artists themselves, but also a wide range of more general transferable skills such as problem solving, planning, creative thinking and critical analysis. They will also become more competent in literacy and numeracy - we are always mindful of the importance of these core skills when we teach Art.

The Art department has long-standing links with Roche Court Sculpture Park (we make regular visits there) and Walford Mill and we also take any opportunity to get involved in community art projects, such as Wimborne in Bloom and other local art initiatives.

We take great pride in exhibiting our pupils’ artwork, both around the school and in occasional exhibitions both at AMS and elsewhere.