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Allenbourn Middle School

Race Day!

Day 5

Race day!

After our 15 min lie in it was breakfast, lunches packed, boots collected and on the coach for the short journey up the road to the gondala. The weather had turned cloudy and so the slope picked for the races had to be changed as it was impossible to see from the beginning to the end of the course. All the groups arrived and everyone took part in the race in their ski groups, racing around the cones, slalom fashion, as fast was they could. After the races they carried on skiing with the results being given out in the evening.

Conditions for skiing were not perfect today.  It was snowing at the top of the mountain which meant the runs were fairly sticky and visibility was poor. However everyone experienced how different the conditions can be in the mountains and realised the need to look out for each other and keep close to their instructors.  

Once back at the hotel it was time to start packing bags and a trip to the local spar. I don’t think the shop had ever experienced a queue and rush quite like the one this afternoon! I don’t think there was any chocolate left and the random items that appeared in the children’s baskets kept me very amused! Examples are - dog food, after shave, a sink plunger, blankets!

After tea the ski instructors came round and they presented their groups with certificates and medals for their ski races. I won’t let you know who won, but the medals were lovely and everyone enjoyed seeing their instructors and presented them with gifts to say thank you. We then had some music playing and a party to celebrate our last evening. 

Last day tomorrow with lots to fit in... skiing, returning equipment, packing bags and the coach, saying goodbyes and the start of our journey home. Fingers crossed for a safe days skiing tomorrow and a smooth journey back.