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Allenbourn Middle School

Roche Court Sculpture Park

Another fantastic trip to this amazing sculture park.

49 children enjoyed a wonderful visit to the Roche Court Sculpture Park last Wednesday. Unusually for a commercial sculpture gallery, an excellent education programme gives our children access to the work of some of the top sculptors working today in our country. Children were fascinated, puzzled, enthralled and stimulated by a wide range of sculptures (all set in stunning park, garden and farmland) from brightly coloured, abstract, kinetic sculptures that moved gently with the air currents to strange hybrid creatures with mysterious stories to tell. The children touched on science, maths and humanities in their discussions of the art work as well as the inspirations and processes involved in making the sculptures. By the end of the day they were confidently using words such as: metamorphosis, hybrid, patina, figurative, abstract and the leaders there all remarked on the thoughtfulness and originality of their comments. Some wonderful drawings were made which will be on display in school in due course.