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Allenbourn Middle School

Pupil Parliament Election

On Thursday 4th July we held an election day for pupils to vote for their new Pupil Parliament Leader. Seven candidates were selected following an application and interview process led by current senior pupils Madi and Elliott, Mrs Mason from the Local School Committee and Mr Legge the Headteacher. 

Each candidate then presented their idea for change in whole school assembly and campaigned to be voted in as Pupil Parliament Prime Minister. All children at Allenbourn went to the polls to cast their vote and pupils were encouraged to respect individuals' right to vote, making a personal choice that represented their own view. It was a great success and an announcement of the voting will be given soon. 

Allenbourn's current Pupil Parliament were also invited to engage with the work of Dorset Youth Voice. A Youth Voice Officer was welcomed to Allenbourn and she gathered the pupils' ideas on health and well-being. All the pupils were able to articulate what they thought was important and how Dorset can support children and young adults in aid of their health and well-being.